The doctor pointed out that Pei’s birthmark was pumping milk with blood. may be at risk of breast cancer It’s not a small thing.

The doctor pointed out that Pei’s birthmark was pumping milk with blood. may be at risk of breast cancer It’s not a small thing.


          The page raises the child as the doctor wishes, pointing out the case of Pei Panwad pumping breast milk with a blood clot. may be at risk of breast cancer Including tumors of the breast, should see a doctor immediately.




  •           In the case of Pei Panwad, a mother of two, she posted a clip of a bottle of milk that had just been pumped out. the milk turns red which is not the color of normal milk There are also clots of blood coming out to be seen as well. Along with writing the message, “#Human mother #Why is there a clot of blood coming out?” causing netizens to panic along with it.



the latest (August 8, 2019), the Facebook page raises children as the doctor wishes. Has posted information to warn mothers, stating that if anyone has symptoms like Khun Pei Breast pumps are blood clots. The first thing should be to see a doctor immediately. for physical examination because it’s not normal Especially mothers who are in the later stages of breastfeeding. The nipples and milk fields have already turned pro. Suddenly there will be a lot of blood flowing out. may be at risk for ductal carcinoma and Paget’s disease




Including a tumor of the breast called Benign intraductal pailloma, all of which must be examined and treated promptly.



  •           For those who have congenital disease Watch for medications that interfere with platelet function. Or blood coagulation? In summary, who has this milky blood problem? can rush to the hospital near the house for diagnosis and treatment Don’t think for yourself and I repeat that the symptoms of bloody milk have nothing to do with the food you eat. not about oily food not about durian Not related to any risky food at all

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