Sadfishing, the real drama of people who like sad posts, calls the number of Likes

Sadfishing, the real drama of people who like sad posts, calls the number of Likes

          What is Sadfishing? This behavior is often found by social players. It can lead to being bullied or negatively affecting depression patients and teenagers.


    Online society or social media is a world where everything is fast and flows easily. Lately, a new term has arisen to call the behavior of the drama king, drama queen of all netizens. who post sad stories to attract attention online The word sadfishing is a combination of the words sad and fishing, indicating the shoveling of sadness. This behavior is not just casual behavior online, but many people think that sadfishing may be a behavior that affects patients with depression and may lead to bullying among teenagers as well.

What is Sadfishing?

  •   Sadfishing is a description of the behavior of netizens posting their sad feelings on social media to gain attention from their online friends. Or maybe just want the number of likes The comment amount is fine. which posting sad stories may not be true feelings It can add an emotion that is beyond reality to make it look more interesting.
  • However, sentences that fall into the category of sadfishing are, for example, “I can’t stand it anymore”, “I don’t know what else to live for”, “What I’ve seen today is very bad” and so on.


What are the effects of sadfishing?



  •       Experts say If a sad post has a clear purpose, such as a sad post by a celebrity, celebrity or blogger. to review the product for example Posting about skin problems that caused me to be teased by various things until it was already my own inferiority complex. But in reality, he is going to be a presenter for a beauty institute, etc. Sadfishing with a purpose like this may not have much effect on people doing it. because it may not be done often Do it a few times and it’s over. It’s called creating drama, but it’s enough to cope with the consequences.


  • while another group is more worrisome which is a group of teenagers who may use sadfishing to get attention Post a sad story to get likes call for comments to encourage and may feel addicted to acting drama so often that it becomes a habit And if any day posting sad stories does not give satisfactory results Sadfishing among teenagers abroad can also


  • be a susceptible to bullying, according to a survey by Digital Awareness UK. 11-16 years old) tend to be sadfishing to get attention. And most of them successfully attract attention in the online world. But in school, in real life, I was caught by my friends for posting that I was so sad, but not really sad until I got ridiculed. Sadfishing


and depression


  •     On the other hand, if a depressed patient Posting really sad feelings, posting about falling and immersed in the bad feelings that you are, but instead being seen as showing drama to get attention. Being like this can make people with depression feel even worse. And may cause those around you to not be able to keep up with the progress of depression patients at all which is very dangerous to the patient


  •   Dramatic behavior demanding attention in the online world is not difficult to prevent. It just requires the attention of parents and people around you. who always have to talk to their children Ask about the possibility, pay attention, and keep an eye out for symptoms or behavior that seem unusual. If you see that your child seems strange, try to talk to him to understand.
  • Social play is like a double-edged sword. that provides both benefits and penalties Therefore, for the safety of the body and mind. I also want to live a conscious life.

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