reveals that respiratory patients in Bangkok have jumped nearly ten thousand doubled after facing toxic dust

reveals that respiratory patients in Bangkok have jumped nearly ten thousand doubled after facing toxic dust


  •           Revealing that the number of respiratory patients in the Bangkok area rose to 9,980 people, an increase of 54.85 percent from the previous month. Revealing the dark control of the car, black smoke The latter was found to be the main factor creating toxic dust.



On January 25, 2019,  Daily News reported that Mr. Pichaya Nakwatchara, Deputy Permanent Secretary for Bangkok, said that because the Bangkok area is currently Currently experiencing the problem of PM2.5 dust, which is an environmental problem that affects public health. In the past, the BMA has solved the problem by setting up short-term measures such as spraying water and cleaning roads to reduce dust.




  •           However, PM2.5 dust that is currently a problem, found 60 percent, is caused by incomplete combustion of diesel engines from old cars, which BMA and related agencies have issued measures and requirements. to control In addition, all hospitals under the BMA have been instructed to inspect the condition of ambulances and hospital vehicles. along with instructing all vehicles of government agencies to strictly prevent the engine from being installed in the area



  •            However, according to the statistics of patients with respiratory diseases of all 9 hospitals under Bangkok from January 1-22, 2019, there were 9,980 patients, an increase from December of 2018 that had 6,445 people, representing 54.85 percent, believing that there will be an increase in the number of patients in every location Therefore, I would like to ask all people to take care of the environment and reduce air pollution to alleviate PM2.5 dust.

Picture from the Facebook page of the Department of Medical Services.



  •           While Noppharat Rajathani Hospital, Department of Medical Services opened a pollution clinic. The first specialized clinic in Thailand Treatment of patients affected by PM2.5 fine dust, along with making a pollution clinic operating manual, consisting of a pollution clinic establishment project step-by-step guidelines advice The decision to submit for a special examination history taking form And knowledge about PM2.5 to the public to be used as a correct and standard treatment guideline.

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