Occipital pain, check it quickly. Are you sick?

Occipital pain, check it quickly. Are you sick?

          Occipital pain, headache in the back spreading to the nape of the neck What can be caused by this symptom? and is it dangerous Who lives, come to check quickly.
Occipital           pain that causes headaches and dizziness as well. It’s really uncomfortable, isn’t it? Especially if it’s been several days, it’s even worse. I don’t know that occipital pain Or a headache in the back caused by what exactly? Or is it a health warning sign ? Let’s clear our minds here.

Occipital pain can be caused by what?

          Occipital pain, neck pain, what causes it, what diseases are associated with it ?

1. Stress



  •           Signs that the body indicates that it is very stressed may come in the form of occipital pain. The back of the head and neck spread to shoulder pain, shoulder pain, or pain in the temples, eye sockets, forehead, headache as well, because when we are stressed. or under pressure The muscles will contract. can cause pain which this symptom will disappear by itself when we stretch the muscles relax stress Or you can try to fix the cause with stress relief methods – 14 ways to relieve stress, instant shortcuts in 2 minutes.


  • 2. Not enough rest


  •       Just lack of sleep or sleep deprivation can put your body in a stressful state. Even though we didn’t feel stressed at all. Because sleep is a way for our body to rest. Various muscles relax during our sleep. So if you rarely sleep for several days in a row Or sleep less often, so often have headache, occipital pain, eye pain. So hurry up and go to bed quickly.


  • 3. Sore muscles


  • Occipital pain or back pain may be caused by inflammation of the muscles in the neck. The cause may be caused by sitting in an inappropriate position, such as sitting with your head down and playing on the phone for a long time, working in front of a computer screen for too long, or driving a car for a long time can cause inflammation of the neck muscles. Occipital pain is possible. As for the treatment, paracetamol may be taken to relieve the pain first, but if it doesn’t go away or if the pain gets worse, you may need to see a doctor.


  • 5. Herniated discs
  • If it is occipital pain related to nerves That is usually caused by ligaments, joints, or herniated discs moving over the nerves. Especially the elderly with Herniated Disc will be more at risk for this cause And may feel occipital pain, tingling pain, numbness, cracking in the arm or hand, and if the symptoms are more severe, the limbs may be weak, unable to raise the hand, unable to move the wrist. or unable to move a finger Which should consult a doctor to determine the exact cause of the inflammation again


  • 6. Cervical nerve inflammation

Inflammation of the cervical nerve can be caused by many reasons. For example, diabetics may have nerve degeneration. easily inflamed In addition, improper posture, lying on the pillow, sleeping in the wrong position is the cause of inflammation of the muscles, ligaments, nerves in the neck. Until feeling pain in the neck as well

7. Rheumatoid

  • rheumatoid arthritis patients or arthritis Occipital pain may be found as well. – Rheumatoid arthritis, chronic joint pain. Watch out for the bone-breaking villain.
  • Occipital pain how to treat
  •  Occipital pain treatable By these means
  • * Paracetamol Relieve pain
  • * Anti-inflammatory drugs in case of inflammation of the muscles, joints or nerves are detected
  • * Hot compresses around the occipital
  • muscles Because each person’s pain condition may not be the same
  • * Treatment with deep heat pain therapy machines such as Ultrasound or Shortwave Diathermy
  • * Neck traction which must be done by a doctor or physical therapist.

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