nose smelling smoke Burning smell often when there is nothing May be classified as phantosmia.

nose smelling smoke Burning smell often when there is nothing May be classified as phantosmia.


          If the nose often smells burning Non-existent smoke smell until suspected of having sinusitis or rhinitis or not Try to check the smell of smoke all the time. What is the disease?
          Smell is a very sensitive human sense. But if there is a smell of smoke, burning smell or cigarette smell Even though nothing burned at all. This symptom must be a little empathetic. because the nose can smell that is not real And having this symptom often may be considered phantosmia (Phantosmia), a type of smell disorder.

What is Phantosmia?




          Phantosmia is a non-existent sense of smell. Also known as olfactory hallucinations, in which the patient usually smells alone. Even if those environments are free of any odors, most of the time, Phantosemia will smell of cigarettes, smoke, burnt rubber, chemical smells such as ammonia. or the rotten smell of something But there are some people who smell sweet as well.

What causes the nose to smell a smell that doesn’t really exist?




 Non-existent odor or phantosmia It can be caused by many reasons as follows:

1. Cold symptoms, nasal congestion

  2. Allergies

3. Sinusitis

4. Irritation caused by cigarette smoke or air pollution

5. Oral health problems

6.   Rhinoplasty

7. Tumors in the nasopharynx, sinus cavity, or nasopharyngeal cancer

8. Nerve and brain diseases such as migraines, epilepsy, encephalitis, brain tumors, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

9. Withdrawal from alcohol

10. Side effects from head surgery Or an accident with the head that causes abnormal olfactory nerves

11. Radiation to the neck or brain

12. Some drugs or chemicals, such as drugs (cocaine) or continuous exposure to toxic chemicals that destroy tissues in the nasal cavity

          . We just don’t know where it came from, for example, the smell may come from dirty air conditioners, the smell of laundry detergent, shampoo, new bottles of soap that we haven’t smelled before. or it may be the smell of the bed Newly bought seats, so take a look around first. Don’t panic if we’re sick or not.



nose smelling smoke Burning smell all the time, how to treat?



          If the nose smells of smoke Or often smells that don’t really exist, should have a doctor diagnose the symptoms. Because this condition can be caused by many causes, ranging from mild to worrying diseases, the treatment of phantosmia should be treated from the root cause. Therefore, you should go for a physical examination with a doctor and treat the existing disease .

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