Explore the mind to know the emotions.

Explore the mind to know the emotions.


Exploring the mind to know the emotions (Sor Sor.)
Story by Phawinee Thepkhamram Team Content www.thaihealth.or.th


 “Humor is a good thing in life. Because it helps us to release from a stressful perspective. release from various pressures and may also help us to see new aspects that we have never seen before. Help us smile with


          life . Tantiphiwatthanasakul Dr. Songwut, Department of Mental Health and Manager of Mental Health Promotion Program The Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth) talks about today’s society where there are many stressful things around, so humor is what everyone needs.


 “Sometimes we use humor to mask true emotions. cover up sorrow if you do it regularly without giving time to face the problems of life It may turn out to be letting the problem pile up in the mind. It’s like a pig’s tail. Causing the mind to be filled with problems that have not been resolved, “


          Mr. Prawet continued that ordinary people will not reveal their true emotions to the general public. May reveal only a few close people Especially if it’s a celebrity, public figure or comedian, the more you need to hide your personal emotions. to play a role according to what society expects What we see from the outside of a public figure, actor, comedian may not be his true self.


   the same with people that we see on a regular basis may not reveal his true identity for us to know. Thai people have the word “cheerful face”, which conveys the meaning in this sense, that is, we will look at people from their facial expressions. You can’t just look at the emotions that he expresses in public. Each person may keep things to himself, not revealing them. So we get to know the news of public figures, celebrities, comedians, emotions and behaviors that we didn’t expect. Because we do not know his true private world. and if he is sick with mental problems It is often not disclosed to society to get to know each other.


 “Someone asked if comedians had depression problems. And suicide than ordinary people? This may still be difficult to answer. Because we tend to pay more attention to news that comedians are depressed or suicidal. therefore remembering more when other people are together But I have to admit that celebrities, comedians, and public figures are also ordinary human beings. Therefore, it is sympathetic,” said Dr. Prawet. In addition, the use of alcohol and drugs during stressful times or having a sad mood will make your mood worse more depressed Many people are addicted to alcohol. because of depression Or some people drink heavily, it can cause depression as well.           what happened Therefore, it is a lesson that teaches us to look at our own emotions. in order to care for yourself properly

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