Check the signs of muscle breakdown The condition that fitness people are addicted to exercise must be careful.

Check the signs of muscle breakdown The condition that fitness people are addicted to exercise must be careful.

          People who exercise should pay close attention to their body signals. If there is an abnormality, it must be scrutinized. like muscle breakdown left may cause kidney failure You can risk death.
          Often we hear news about people who exercise too much but end up having to go to the hospital from muscle breakdown. associated with kidney failure Which makes me wonder why exercise can make me sleepy. So don’t be afraid. Let’s get to know the muscle breakdown condition. Symptoms that people who exercise too hard should be aware of

What is skeletal muscle?

 Our bodies have three types of muscles: smooth muscles. heart muscle and striated muscles Skeletal muscles are the only muscles in the body that work under the willpower, meaning that we can control them. It plays an important role in the movement of the body.

for muscle breakdown or muscle breakdown (Rhabdomyolysis) is a condition in which the muscles are destroyed until the cells are broken. Resulting in enzymes and substances such as potassium, phosphorus, protein pigments in the muscles. (Myoglobinuria), including creatine kinase or CK (Creatine kinase), an enzyme found in skeletal muscle, secretes large amounts into the bloodstream. The more if the muscles decay much. The body may not be able to excrete various substances in time until causing other health problems to follow.


muscle breakdown What can be caused by

   Causes of muscle breakdown include:

1. Heavy use of the muscles, such as exercising too hard. or exercising for too long

2. Severe muscle injuries from accidents or assaults

3. Side effects from certain drugs such as lipid-lowering drugs, statins, chemotherapy drugs, drugs, and some psychiatric drugs. including anesthesia that results in muscle dysfunction

4. Conditions in which the body cannot cool down Or having a very high and low body temperature, which can result in muscle damage

5. Prolonged convulsions or electric shock

6. Inflammation of the nerve sheath of unknown cause, such as Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS).

7. Some viral or bacterial infections

8. Mechanism of abnormal muscle formation and breakdown from birth

9. Electrolyte and acid-base abnormalities in the body such as hyperglycemia hyponatremia that may affect the process of water exchange of cells damage the muscles

10. Severe dehydration

11. Drinking large amounts of alcohol including drug use

12. Genetic Disorders


Check for symptoms of muscle breakdown Why is the kidney broken?

          muscle breakdown symptoms can be observed as follows




1. muscle aches muscle weakness It usually occurs in the large muscles such as the thighs, shoulders, etc., and sometimes you may feel pain in the muscles or cramps.

2. Brown urine or dark brown

3. Fever

4. Rapid heartbeat

5. Nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain

However, if a blood test reveals that the CK value is much higher than normal, it may go up to hundreds of thousands from the normal value. 10,000-25,000 IU and pigment proteins may be found in the muscles. (Myoglobinuria) Excess in the urine risk of kidney blockage This condition is the cause of kidney failure. because the kidneys lose their function and cannot excrete excess substances in the body in time



muscle breakdown how dangerous



In addition to muscle breakdown, it can cause body aches and pains. It can also have serious health effects. Since the compression condition in the legs causes muscle inflammation. The blood does not go to raise the muscles until death (Compartment Syndrome), including acute renal failure. as mentioned above

However, if you notice your own symptoms in time The symptoms may be mild and not difficult to treat. Importantly, kidney failure may not occur. This will help save yourself from other complications, so you should always observe the abnormalities of your body.



How to treat muscle breakdown




As for the treatment of muscle breakdown, there are methods as follows:

1. If there are few symptoms rest the muscles Refrain from activities that require heavy muscles.

2. Provide water to the body to balance various substances as well as prevent kidney damage.

3. Stop using drugs that cause muscle breakdown. or treat other causes according to the patient’s symptoms

In case of severe symptoms, hurry up to take him to the hospital. which the doctor may give saline solution and drug treatment including dialysis in patients with acute renal failure But if you don’t want to be bedridden, let the doctor help you heal. We also have a way to prevent skeletal muscle breakdown.

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