Broken heart disease can lead to death from heartbreak. It was deeply shocked!

Broken heart disease can lead to death from heartbreak. It was deeply shocked!


        Broken heart disease is a real physical illness, not just a tragic and dramatic story of a heartbroken person as it is commonly understood. And some people are very sad. The symptoms can be severe until death.

  •       Heartbreak seems to be just a word to convey a clear picture of disappointment, but in medicine it is said that heartbreak is a physical illness that actually exists. It also affects our physical and mental health quite a bit. So today, let’s get to know broken heart disease better.


  • What is broken heart disease?


Broken heart disease is sudden cardiac arrest. Medically, it is believed to be caused by sadness. Or shock from the loss that causes the heart to stop working

. Broken heart disease is also officially known as Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy, named after the Japanese doctor who discovered this disease in 1990, and has many international namesin the medical world. name Both Broken Heart Syndrome, Stress Induced Cardiomyopathy, or Apical Ballooning Syndrome. What are the causes of broken heart syndrome

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The cause of broken heart disease is still uncertain as to what exactly caused it. But the closest possible mechanism is Patients with this disease will suddenly have very high levels of stress hormones. (stress-induced catecholamine release) directly affects the heart and blood vessels. It may be related to the left side of the heart not being able to function normally

. (Catecholamine) or neurotransmitters such as epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine during a lot of stress or severe trauma, such as the sudden loss of loved ones, parents, close relatives died Experienced great disappointment, causing the coronary arteries to contract and harden immediately. The blood cannot pass through to raise the heart. And if it’s been a long time The heart was unable to pump blood normally. lead to heart failure and may eventually lead to death

Broken heart disease. Who is at risk


? Actually, this disease can happen to anyone. without having to have a history of heart disease However, women over 55 are three times more likely than men of the same age to suffer heart failure,while women under 55 are 9.5 times more likely to suffer from heart attack than men their age

. the assumption that The risk of heart failure in postmenopausal women is relatively high. because the body lacks the hormone estrogen As a result, the heart muscle is less resistant to stress hormones. But on the issue that women may be more at risk of this disease than men. it is possible that Men are better at dealing with pressure and stress. This is because male body cells have more adrenaline receptors than females.

What are the symptoms of a broken heart?


The symptoms of a broken heart are similar to those of a heart attack. The patient will have the following symptoms:

– Chest pain

– Difficulty breathing

– Rapid panting

– Pain in arms, especially left arm

– Sweaty –

High blood pressure – Dilated         pupils

– Fainting         , rapid heartbeat         – Muscle contraction and spasm         – Cardiac arrest         The main symptoms that will be clearly observed if the patient is in a broken heart condition is chest pain and trouble breathing

broken heart disease treatment    


  • Because the exact cause of the disease is still not found. Currently there is no definitive treatment for broken heart disease either. But the doctor may perform palliative treatment. In part, it may be given as a treatment for heart failure patients. which will be used to treat However, in cases where the symptoms are quite severe, a heart support device may be required. (Intra-aortic balloon pump) together with



  •     Although the symptoms of heart failure are similar to those of a heart attack. But doctors can diagnose the difference between broken heart disease and heart attack from the following observations:
  • – Differences in ECG images. The outcome of a broken heart patient will not be similar to that of a heart attack patient.
  • – The blood results of a broken heart patient will not show signs of heart damage.
  • – No blockage of the major arteries in the heart. broken heart patients
  • – Detects circulatory abnormalities in the left ventricle of broken heart patients
  • – Symptoms of broken heart patients can be cured in a short time. Maybe a few days or a few weeks. Unlike heart attack patients, it takes quite a long time to get better.
  • In addition, the differential diagnosis must take into account acute myocardial infarction. and pulmonary embolism

Prevention and treatment of broken heart patients

  1. The best defense against heart failure is mental strength. Letting go and trying not to think about things that reinforce disappointment or regret and allow time to heal gradually But if you think that the pain is unbearable or can’t find a solution should turn to consult with a psychiatristThank you information from
    Department of Emergency Ramathibodi Hospital , American Heart Association, WebMd

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