Anutin leads Thai style health news Before the start of the SSS board meeting

Anutin leads Thai style exercises Before the start of the SSS board meeting



         “Anutin” approves the plan for the year 2020, indicating that the ThaiHealth is the power of government policies, emphasizing that “the people must truly benefit”, moving forward to expand the work of the National Health Commission, joining hands with the Ministry of Public Health. 100% illegal. Smoke and get addicted. Youth are worried about misunderstanding. Accelerate the Department of Disease Control, Social Communication
  •            On August 16, 2019, Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister As Chairman of the Health Promotion Foundation (SorSor.) along with Mr. Satit Pitutecha, Deputy Minister of Public Health As the 1st Vice Chairman of the Fund Committee, he attended the Fund Committee Meeting No. 7/2019, which was the first meeting after taking office. However, before the start of the meeting, Mr. Anutin along with the Deputy Minister of Public Health exercise “Thai style body exercise” that ThaiHealth has collaborated with the Ministry of Public Health. and the Ministry of Labor Develop physical exercise postures with music. for people to work to manage their bodies first or working hours during the day to prepare the body and mind to be ready to work Reduce accidental losses and increase work efficiency. It also stimulates the work of the muscles and brain, strengthens the lungs and heart.
            Mr. Anutin said that the meeting approved the 2020 annual action plan, which specifies 89.3 percent of the main indicators that correspond to the goals and indicators of the three-year master plan and the 20-year national strategy, such as enhancing tobacco control efficiency. district and provincial level Move the Road Safety Directing Center Focusing on 283 risky districts and solving motorcycle problems in risky groups increase physical activity in school establishment and communities according to the National Physical Activity Plan Reduce the rate of overweight and obesity among school-age children to less than 10%. Support the national condom strategy and the model province to end AIDS. Establishment of mechanisms at the district level to take care of the well-being of vulnerable children to access the rights and welfare of the state The homeless group has the potential to be ready to return to society. Academic support medical marijuana use for people to get the most out of using cannabis, hemp, or other medicinal plants
  •            In addition, the meeting considered Approved the project to control the consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco. by the Department of Disease Control Serves to strengthen alcohol and tobacco control. through working groups at the national, provincial and district levels to the community level Expand the operating area to cover Prevent new smokers and drinkers through all educational institutions Operate according to the quality criteria for non-smoking educational institutions and liquor. It is a close collaboration between ThaiHealth and the Ministry of Public Health.



            “I am ready to support ThaiHealth and network partners. Many of the projects that ThaiHealth is driving have resulted in significant changes at the local level, for example, supporting the drive of the district health system across the country at least 800 districts through the mechanism of the Quality of Life Development Committee (PSC), which works together with the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Public Health To enhance the capacity of health management in the area, but ask the ThaiHealth to focus on working in the area, down to the community, so that people can truly benefit because the ThaiHealth is a force that will help work according to the government’s policies correctly. truly apply it,” said Mr. Anutin.



  •             Mr. Anutin said that at the meeting, the issue of e-cigarettes was discussed. with attempts to import electronic cigarettes and communicate that it can help reduce smoking cessation But in fact, the Department of Disease Control confirmed that e-cigarettes are dangerous. And 100% prohibited from importing. If imported, the law must be amended. In this day and age, no one would do such a thing. because it will be harmful to children and youth Even with less nicotine But if you smoke, the result is addiction anyway. Therefore leave it to the Department of Disease Control and related agencies. Communicate to create an understanding of the dangers of e-cigarettes.

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