9 things that create happiness in life…from stage 4 cancer patients

9 things that create happiness in life…from stage 4 cancer patients


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10 things that find happiness in life…from patients with nasopharyngeal cancer stage 4, good articles that encourage all cancer patients.


It’s a good story that’s like a tonic for a huge heart. For the story of You are member number 1451102, a member of website. who has published stories and feelings … after knowing that he was suffering from nasopharyngeal cancer, stage 4 … in an unexpected way


Looking back before he was faced with a serious illness, he said that his childhood life was like a normal child.passed the exam well, which he was able to successfully enter Chulalongkorn University. And it is well known that university life is free. And he was able to use more freedom in life. In typical teenage fashion…

  •    until graduation He began to spin fully to the other side of the coin.. is to work related to the night business Living in reverse, waking up at night, sleeping during the day, and society was in another form until the age of 29 (currently a little 30), he decided to say goodbye to the nightlife. When you find that what you used to do is no longer fun and start to feel unbearable like that kind of life which after that He also tried to lead a normal life, working during the day and sleeping at night. This period has been a year of quite a bit of confusion. Because what had happened was not “yes” to him at all, until he had “meeted” the great test of his life…that was detected. ” nasopharyngeal cancer (Nasopharyngeal carcinoma)”

By being at stage 4b ​​(T1N3M0),

  •            this life-level challenge Make him use what is available to manage, that is, “consciousness” by using wisdom and perseverance. and he found the answer is happiness… which the happiness that he received when he was ill It’s a magic potion that gives him a smile and strength to fight the disease…

“Life is Miracle”

  • 1. Begin to be happy with the small things around you.


  •            I would like to say that no matter what kind of life you live. Life has other forms hidden that you will always find. those angles in life You’ll never see it if you don’t open up to it. ….let me give you an example like this…… During the treatment, if not at home, the hospital has been like this for a very long time. Imagine that someone who rarely stays at home has to do something like this. The only way to enjoy life with it is to How to look at the same world in a different perspective I remember the feeling of rice porridge with shredded pork. The first bowl after the taste buds have returned to work again. It is the taste that does not depend on the feeling of whether it is delicious or not delicious But it is a perception in the form of getting back to know the taste of food again. It was a special feeling that I had not had in thirty years. Even though I have eaten rice porridge like this thousands of times. Find it out, feelings, patterns in life that are hidden. Little by little, mixed together, it can always turn out to be a very special day.


  •  2. Good health and warm family (including everyone in the world you love and love) is the cost of free stuff that some people don’t appreciate.


  •            There is one true story about cancer that happens to every family: when one of them has cancer. The whole family seems to be going too. The closer they are to each other, the more they show up…. In my case, during the first few days the doctor said the results came out. One of the most difficult things was how I had to figure out how to tell home. The feeling of having to go home and tell me that I was going to die. The feeling at that time was a mixture of worry and regret. The mood at that time was dull, especially when my uncle had died of cancer. How do I tell my aunt who raised me? You are already very old. At home, I’m afraid that your mental state will get worse…. So when something like this happens, I suggest finding someone who is sane. When dealing with problems, talking in the first place is easiest and best. Including the feelings of the other people in the house after I decided to tell them. Atmosphere, I could immediately feel the tension coming in. Even though everyone tried to smile

 3. Deal with the past, too. By accepting one present truth in life.

is that you cannot change the past. Therefore, what has already happened cannot be changed. Don’t let things from the past bother you. Until the current life is bad.


 4. Don’t compare yourself to others.

Trust me everyone has problems. There are different forms of life. whoever Everyone’s suffering is different. Therefore, each person’s happiness is different. believe me No matter who you are in this world, rich or poor, beautiful, handsome or not good-looking. If you compare your life to others, it’s not happy. because of human nature always looking for perfection When you compare yourself to others and find The imperfection in you will be the origin of suffering. Turn to look at things that will really make you happy, such as The Bucket List, which I will write below.


 5. Know your worth

But don’t see yourself as the center of everything. Start looking for your own worth. There will be a corner in your life that is worth living. You believe me, you are always worth someone in this world. At least with yourself, that’s it.


 6. Find a real dream.

It should be your own dream, not someone else’s dream. or what society expects because when you die Dreams will be the first thing that comes to your mind, not money, gold, social status, anything and everything. People can have more than one dream. The easy way I would suggest is to write a list of them out on paper. because of some dream I’m old and I can’t do it. Some things may cost a lot of money, so I want you to start writing a list of them. You will see the picture and plan correctly, that is the important point. Because when I started writing it out You will see a clearer picture of your dreams. You begin to distinguish what is real dream and what is myth. Caused by the casting of the environment around you


  •  . 7. Worry about thinking too much. It doesn’t help the results come out better.
  •            It will only make the outcome worse. Perhaps the word know enough is suitable for many situations, for example, in the case of all cancer patients who can surf the Internet. when diagnosed with cancer Hundreds and hundreds often Google to find out what type they are. Is there a chance to survive? Is there a lot of people, where are they treated, what food do I need to eat? Acting like a leaky bottom glass No matter how much information I have, it’s not enough. which will cause negative thoughts to influence our mind, resulting in mental depression, stress, lack of consciousness, bad body as well


  •            The more information on the Internet nowadays, you will find a lot of negative information. (emotion about No one has ever survived cancer. All alive and dead) Believe me, I’ve read a lot of them and my mind has gone downhill. I’ve been through it, including advice that doesn’t come from those who really study it. Magic pills, miracle food. shared until treatment with modern medicine becomes a secondary option (I’m not against the sale of dietary supplements. Which is one of the main reasons I wanted to write about this aspect of cancer. because many things happened to me during the treatment It is a reflection from How our society views cancer deviate from what actually happened It results in many things being inaccurate. For example, we look at religion as a cure for the disease at all. not looking at the point of practice to raise the mind to have consciousness and wisdom to deal with what happened correctly


  • The negative effects in this regard occur both at the psychological level (at least the paradox of choice occurs) and at the level of the disease itself. Correct treatment will be delayed, which at 1 week or 1 month may mean one person’s life at once. This kind of thing I encountered myself. The story that was sent to be healed by this miraculous power could be written as a scene. I’ll tell you later. What should I do if I don’t want to worry too much? How to get fit Continue reading below.
  • 8. Consciousness. 
  •            should be attached to the body as a habit Well, this story, I believe that many people know how important it is, but many times in our society this is replaced by emotions, such as anger, fear, sadness. These drops are Committed to practicing mindfulness often. Some people meditate, some people focus on chanting. But in my case, it’s mixed together. If you know that your mind will fall, start listening to classical music such as Mozart, Chopin, stuff like that (must say that I’ve never listened to it before), including cool, walking around (but not full) because it is an exercise in itself before bed meditate Pray (I do it for the senses. It’s not about miracles at all.) And believe me, life is born to be tested all the time.
  •            As long as you still have breath Which mindfulness will help you pass the test without difficulty every time, especially in cancer patients, things always happen at unexpected times, such as on a simple day when everything seems normal. I sit and watch TV in the house as if nothing is fine. but only one sneeze The blood continued to flow from his nose. Had to go to the emergency room at the hospital ever. (The cause is due to the time I received the light. The tissue around the nose is more fragile than usual) It can be said that during that time, the body is always ready for unexpected events. The various values ​​of the body are worse than normal standards in everything. This is in contrast to the mood of patients undergoing chemotherapy, which tend to be more irritable than normal people. (I received both chemo and radiation at the same time) so I have to be conscious all the time. because in addition to it will be passed on to our lives It also affects those around us. And when being conscious, smiles and humor often follow.

 9. Hope is a good thing. But you should also prepare ways to deal with disappointment.


  •  in all cancer patients or even human beings on our planet every life Hope is like a thing that helps to forget suffering from life. Therefore, if we develop Practice dealing with disappointment as well. We will be able to live on hope without interruption. No matter what, in my case, during treatment, many times, having to walk into the examination room and the doctor look at the results, don’t look good. and said that the treatment results were not as expected The lesion still hasn’t disappeared. (Each time means my time on earth is getting less and less.) Happened many, many times. But the difference between the first and the latter is that the joys of my life have never stumbled. On the contrary, hope grows more and more every time. The atmosphere was supposed to be full of tension. replaced by a simple smile A word with a light laugh that says, “Don’t get bored of my face.”

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