6 clips of exercises for pear-shaped women Change a bad body to come back to be slim.

6 clips of exercises for pear-shaped women Change a bad body to come back to be slim.


A pear-shaped girl with a small upper body. But the foundations like the hips and thighs are quite stable. Or simply call it big legs, the size is not normal. Let’s exercise and fix the pear shape into a figure that anyone who has seen it would like to share how to exercise!



          For girls with a pear-shaped figure That is, the upper part is quite small, the shoulders are narrow, the upper arms are not large. But from the waist down to the calves Instead, it has a far-flung shape due to the accumulation of fat around the hips , buttocks, and thighs more than other parts. Because finding clothes to wear is quite difficult. But the figure will not be a problem for girls forever. Because just trying the posture, exercising according to this, any size pear figure depends on In a moment, it will become a good figure, the proportions are firmer in a heap!


Have dumbbells or a water bottle filled with rocks, sand, weighing 6 kg or more. It can be used as exercise equipment to reduce the lower body. In addition, the upper part will also be firmer.


Exercises that focus on burning the accumulated fat on the hips, buttocks and thighs as much as possible, really suitable for girls with pear body shapes.


slimming pilates especially the lower proportions accelerate the burning of excess fat Let’s take a look.


Let’s focus on exercises to break up the pear shape. Reduce the accumulated fat from the buttocks down to the calves.


Dancers who can exercise continuously only when there is fun in them. Let me tell you that this clip answers the question!


I don’t have dumbbells, I don’t have exercise equipment and I’m not ready. Pull one chair and arrange the exercises as follows!



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