5 exercises at home Burn effectively like going to the gym.

5 exercises at home Burn effectively like going to the gym.

You don’t have to deal with traffic jams or pay for expensive fitness services, but it’s not worth playing. Try changing to exercising with these 5 poses regularly, get fit and firm your body as you wish at home.




          For anyone who subscribed to a fitness club but felt that they weren’t worth the money they paid for. And more comfortable staying at home. We have 5 simple exercise positions at home for you. These are 5 exercise positions that will help burn excess fat in a short time, but the efficiency is not much different from playing fitness. at all


Position 1 Squat

Place your feet shoulder-width apart, or slightly wider than shoulder-width. Then squat down, focusing on your buttocks back. By bending the knees must not go beyond the toes. and while squatting down to tighten his face As for lifting yourself up, squeeze your buttocks as well. Do this for 1 minute in total.


Position 2: push-ups

 In a straight-arm plank position Hands placed shoulder-width apart Then squat down so your back is level with your buttocks. Keep your abs tight, torso straight, and arms as close to your body as possible. Do 30 seconds total + 10 reps.


Pier 3 Mountain climber

In a straight-arm plank position Place your hands about shoulder-width apart, contract your stomach, lift your left leg toward your elbow, alternate with your right leg, repeat for 30 seconds (like running in place).


Move 4 Lunges

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hands on hips. Step left leg forward so knees are perpendicular to the floor. Squat down. Use left foot to push body back to starting position, then switch sides. Do this for 1 minute.


Position 5: Jump slap

Stand upright, feet together, jumping, clapping hands together. As you jump, spread your feet shoulder-width apart. Continue for about 30 seconds to help your heart beat harder. It’s one of those aerobics.

All these exercises should be done in succession. By resting only a short time, which will enter into circuit training exercise principles that provides excellent energy efficiency And if possible, you should do 3-5 sets a day, a week and 3 times at least.



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