5 clips of various styles of stretching leg muscles. Easy stretching. It doesn’t take long.

5 clips of various styles of stretching leg muscles. Easy stretching. It doesn’t take long.


The legs are tight, walking is difficult. If you want to stretch your leg muscles, we can do it for you. in a variety of styles Plus, it doesn’t take long to do leg stretching exercises.




Sitting for a long time at work or standing for a long time, sometimes I feel pain in my legs that I can’t tell you. And when the pain comes up, you feel like stretching your leg muscles, right? But eh! how to stretch the leg muscles, what postures to do and how Anyone who is still dark on eight sides but wants to stretch the leg muscles will be torn. Let’s watch the clip of stretching the leg muscles. that we bring to see


Leg stretching poses that help stretch the hip muscles as well. 7 leg stretching poses in 3 minutes. Perfect!


  • Can stretch the leg and butt muscles at the same time, very suitable for runners cyclist Or people who sit and work for a long time, get tired of your legs, feel very tired of your buttocks, let’s get it!


In addition to stretching these muscles to help stretch the leg muscles. It also helps stretch the muscles of the lower body from the lower abdomen, hips and buttocks!


  • For runners who want to stretch their leg muscles both before and after running, these 4 simple exercises help stretch the leg muscles, calves, and inner thighs very well.


Move a little more time to stretch your leg muscles. with basic leg stretching poses that are very suitable for those who start exercising Each position will help stretch the muscles of the back legs. calf stretch Including the muscles around the ankles are very good, oh! It is recommended to do it 3 times a week.


  • For those who want to stretch different muscles as well, you can arrange a pose to stretch these muscles.
  •           – 34 pictures of stretching poses What part did you get? Let’s see if we are exercising at the right point or not.

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