10 new ways to exercise to try Alternatives to increase fit for bored people

10 new ways to exercise to try Alternatives to increase fit for bored people


how to exercise A completely new way to try. Let’s shake off your boredom completely with these exercises.

Another big reason why many people stop exercising. That’s the boredom of having to do the same exercise over and over again, even if changing posture or increasing the intensity still doesn’t make the feeling of boredom go away anyway. But don’t give up. Who doesn’t want to endure the monotony of exercising? Let’s take a look at some interesting new ways of exercising that are both fun and exciting. And a fit and firm figure at the same time. Let’s shake off boredom and laziness with these exercises. To have a beautiful figure and a strong body.


1. Alpha Gravity Alpha Gravity

           exercises are a new type of exercise that focuses primarily on resisting gravity. This type of exercise is considered a strength-building exercise. especially the muscles Because it takes strength to hang your body on the rope. It also helps with balance. increase heart rate and stimulate metabolism in the body More importantly, it also adds endurance to the body as well.


2. Cardiolates (Cardiolates)

           If you’re tired of cardio exercises. Introducing a new exercise. that combines cardio exercises and Pilates exercises together perfectly This exercise is to exercise different postures while jumping on a trampoline. The good results of this type of exercise are Help adjust personality. It also helps burn more calories than jogging. It also helps to make exercise become more fun.


3. HIIT training (HIIT training)

           Many people may have heard of HIIT but haven’t tried it yet. Which would like to say that if anyone is bored with the same old exercise, please come and try it. Because this HIIT workout doesn’t just help strengthen your health. It is also an exercise that helps burn the most fat in just 20 minutes a day. The main principle in this type of exercise is Heavy and light exercise alternates in a ratio of 1: 2 (heavy for 15 seconds, light for 30 seconds), 1: 3 (heavy for 15 seconds: light for 45 seconds) or 1: 1 (heavy for 30 seconds, light for 30 seconds). This type of body will stimulate the body’s metabolism to work at maximum efficiency. But this type of exercise is quite strenuous. Therefore, if thinking of starting, it is better to do it gradually.


4. Yoga on a Therapeutic Massage Ball (Yoga Tune-Up)

           Combining yoga and therapy with a healing ball. Make good results from exercising in this way, not just helping to burn calories in the body. but also helps to adjust personality You can also reduce aches and pains in your body by placing a therapy ball on the sore area while practicing yoga. It has many good benefits ever.


5. CrossFit CrossFit

           is a high-intensity workout similar to HIIT, but with a difference. CrossFit is a group workout. And it’s a combination of exercise and cardio exercise. and playing magic perfectly In exercise, there will be running, jumping, lifting weights, climbing, throwing or throwing things. makes exercise feel monotonous and enjoy exercising more However, crossfit exercises The intensity will depend on the ability of each person as well.


6. Mixed martial arts (Mixed Martial Arts)

           is an exercise that is good for the body. and increase the skills to protect themselves from danger in the body Practicing this mixed martial arts May be a brutal exercise. Because the injury rate is slightly higher than other exercises, but the result is not a joke because it stimulates the metabolism in the body to work with maximum efficiency. It also trains balance, making it fit and firm with fighting skills. So good, you must try it.


7. Rock climbing (Bouldering)



           Rock climbing is an activity that we already know well. It is an exercise that is both enjoyable. and strong body because it is a whole-body exercise Anyone who wants to have a firm body by exercising that doesn’t make you feel monotonous. Rock climbing is for you.



8. Zumba dance (Zumba)



           for people who love to dance. Introducing Zumba dance. This is considered one of the most effective dance exercises in just 1 hour of Zumba dancing. It burns up to 1,000 calories. In addition, dancing is also relaxing. both relieve stress fatigue and have exercised in the body



9. Aqua Biking (Aqua Biking)



           Another exercise that combines highly effective exercise with a perfect combination. with the introduction of exercise in the water and cycling come together The advantages of this exercise are Help burn calories up to 700 kilocalories in just 45 minutes and also help break down fat and cellulite. Reduce injuries caused by exercise, which is an advantage of exercising in water. including lowering blood pressure which other exercises cannot be done


10. Barre Exercise



           Finish off with a Barre Exercise that combines ballet and Pilates exercises. which works well in terms of strengthening the muscles and beautiful personality It can be said that it is a worthwhile exercise.

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