10 clips including circuit training postures Comprehensive burning of body fat

10 clips including circuit training postures Comprehensive burning of body fat


Tired of doing aerobics or doing weight training like you used to? Let’s organize some circuit training. Helps to fit muscles in many parts in a complete way

          Circuit training (Circuit Traning) is a comprehensive exercise that allows us to exercise many proportions at once. Because circuit training is exercising in many positions by practicing continuously, taking a short break, thus helping the heart beat continuously. And if we exercise with circuit training for 10 minutes or more, it will benefit as much as other types of cardio that help the body use fat as energy. Along with being able to fit many muscles together in the body



          so as not to waste time We come to exercise circuit training Let’s follow the clip!


1. Fast & Dirty Circuit Workout

There are 6 exercises in this clip together, starting with Burpees, squats, sit-ups, weight training. and other bodyweight exercises, which are repeated 3-4 times using dumbbells and a chair. or a stable bench

2. Get a toned tummy !

Any girl who wants to focus on reducing the abdomen Try to be a specific circuit training posture that will reduce belly fat in this clip. Do it continuously for 2-3 sets. Do it continuously every day. You can blow up your belly for sure.


3. Circuit Training Women 8′ workout

4. 36-Min Total Body Workout- Tone Up & Boost Metabolism

This clip can be played by both those who have started exercising and those who are already at the advanced level. Because it tells the details of resting in each step as well and when this exercise is complete Guaranteed to burn up to 250 kilocalories, plus it helps to stimulate the metabolism very well.


5. 30 Minute Full Body Circuit Training Fusion Workout with Kit Rich

For those who don’t want to repeat the same pose many times This clip will help you avoid repetition as it’s a 30-minute circuit training workout that doesn’t get boring. Plus, there are some warm-up moves to try before you get serious.


6. Full Body Circuit Training With Stephanie

7. 10-Minute Fat-Blasting Circuit

Who doesn’t have more workout gear than a suit and shoes? Let’s try to burn fat all over the body with the trainers of the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Get fit and perfect body like a model.


8. 25 Minute Full Body Dumbbell Circuit Workout

Next comes the circuit training exercises that use only dumbbells. It’s time to dust off the dumbbells that are just sitting around the house. Let’s exercise to tighten the whole body.


9. At Home Circuit Workout With Krystal

If you want to exercise at home with a circuit training method, arrange it with this clip. not much posture But it helps to manage the chest, abdomen and legs at the same time. Oh! for good performance of exercise It is recommended to do all 3 sets.


10. 17 Minute No Equipment Total Body Circuit Workout

Equipment is not necessary for these exercises at all. But believe me, 17 minutes of circuit training. You will burn fat in every proportion. along with stimulating the metabolic system in the body

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